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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend a Reiki session from Paul. Great energy and I never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t know much about Reiki, but was open to receiving a distant session when he was so kind to offer it. I shared that I was getting migraines from stress and lack of rest. Was always on the go and juggling things between work and family. The stress started wearing me down because I didn’t take care of myself. 

On the night of the session, I settled in to my normal bedtime routine and started feeling unusually tired.  There was a comforting warmth that started to cover me. It felt like a big blanket was forcing me to relax. My mind was trying to process what was happening, but my body was welcoming the relaxation. Eventually, I fell into a deep sleep and it was amazing to finally sleep through the night! Woke up the next morning a little tired, but refreshed at the same time. My mind felt lighter, but I still needed to continue with a lot of self care. 

Paul was kind enough to share some suggestions from the distant Reiki session to help with my healing. I was also surprised when he shared some facts from the session that I never told him. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but this experience sparked my curiosity towards holistic healing and spirituality. 

Lilian Y.

 I don’t know what you did to me on the last session but I’ve been feeling amazing… black cloud following me anymore and I’m more focused. So thank you for introducing me to Reiki I wish I knew about it years ago. 

Susan O.

Hey Paul!

Remember how you did the Reiki session for me awhile ago and you told me I had some issues you felt from my stomach area? Well, my main health complaints in the last 2 years have been related to digestive issues. I get heartburn and have pressure in the middle of my stomach. I've gone to my doctor about it and the almost instantly diagnosed it as GERD. 

So my mom recommended this clinic that she knows in Pasadena that deals in natural medicine. When they evaluated me they used this device that checks the meridian points. Almost all of them dealing with the gut were imbalanced. I was sort of amazed Paul that this corroborates what you told me a few months back.

Jen R.

My mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2018. Unfortunately it is an incurable disease. I was in the shock of it all and confided in Paul of what was going on and he suggested Reiki healing. I had never heard of Reiki healing but after he explained to me what it was, it did sound like something that my mom could benefit from. My mom was very old-school and only believed in Western medicine until I explained that it couldn’t hurt and she agreed. Paul provided the initial distant Reiki session and I have to say I noticed something in her after the first session. It was hope, energy and  being clear. She had sessions thereafter and looked forward to them every week. Unfortunately my mom lost her battle with ALS last year but I know her Reiki sessions helped her become as comfortable as she possibly could and I am so forever thankful for that.  Thank you again for helping us, it really did make a difference .

Terry A.

"I called upon Paul for a remote Reiki session after experiencing some intestinal pains that would not seem to subside. After the session, I felt immediate relief and continued to feel better in the days to follow. Paul also provided remote sessions for my pup during a tough battle with cancer that seemed to keep him calm during his time fighting the disease. Thank you for all your help Paul!"

Ron D.

Paul is gifted and creates a safe environment throughout the entire session.  My experience was blissful, enabled self transcendence and provided a lot of clarity.  I'm hooked on Reiki.

Art M.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials
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