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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials: Testimonials

Paul is an amazing instructor and very passionate about Reiki. Informative, patient, knowledgeable and powerful energy. His thoughtful preparation is clearly shown in the course materials and instruction because he teaches from a new student’s perspective. I really appreciated having time to absorb the information. He continually checks in to make sure there aren’t any questions before moving to the next subject. 

Additionally, Paul provides post-class support and helps answer any questions. It’s become really helpful when I practice on my own after the courses because I’m sometimes unsure about what I experience. Paul assisted with supporting notes and tips. 

I’m a new Reiki practitioner and feel truly inspired to continue helping others based on my own experiences from the teachings. I plan to complete more Reiki courses under Paul’s instruction. Had a great experience and looking forward to future courses. Reiki has brought so much positivity and balance in my life. I’m very grateful! Thank you Paul!

Lilian Y.

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